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Golden Visa | Portugal’s Residence Permit Program

Located in the Westernmost point of Europe, on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is one of the world’s most ancient nations. A highly-developed country with fantastic quality of life, it keeps attracting more and more people each year.

Why it is so beneficial to apply for Golden Visa

A peaceful nation, Portugal is a member of the EU, Eurozone and the Schengen Agreement. It is also a part of the United Nations, OECD and NATO.

Beautiful landscapes, a rich history and a lively culture are just a few of the perks of making Portugal your home - all at a considerably low budget investment.

Why Portuguese Golden Visa

Here’s why it’s the preferred option by so many people
Residence visa waiver for entering Portugal
Low budget investment
Live and work in Portugal
Visa-free travel within the Schengen member states
Eligibility to apply for citizenship
Inclusion of family members
International quality healthcare clinics and hospitals


Aimed at attracting foreign direct investments to the country, the Golden Visa program yields a residency permit in Portugal to non-EU investors who meet the following requirements:

Proof of funds

Provide proof that investment funds originate from abroad

No criminal records

Have a clean criminal record

Commitment to paying fees

Pay application and processing fees where applicable

Hold a valid Schengen visa

Enter Portugal for the first time on a valid Schengen visa

Meet stay requirements

Meet or exceed the minimum stay requirements (7 days for the first year, 14 days for subsequent two years)


Applicants can choose any one option in any of the three categories

One of the following options

EUR 1.5 million
Minimum capital transfer into a Portuguese bank account or approved investments

One of the following options

EUR 500,000
Minimum real estate purchase (residential property is limited to designated interior areas)

EUR 400,000
In a low population density area

EUR 350,000
Minimum real estate purchase for the refurbishment of residential properties older than 30 years or in an area of urban regeneration, including the cost of renovations (residential property is limited to designated interior areas)

EUR 280,000
In a low population density area

One of the following options

Creation of new jobs
- Minimum of ten new jobs or
- Eight new jobs in a low population density area

EUR 500,000
For the incorporation or increase of the share capital of a company that is registered in Portugal, creating or maintaining a minimum of five permanent jobs for a period of three years

Property acquisition

The Portugal Golden Visa is one of the most attractive residency programs in the world. As an investment plan for non-EU nationals, property acquisition is often the chosen path by foreigners. The program offers several investment routes, but certain location restrictions apply.

Residential Real Estate

Buy residential real estate in designated interior areas of Portugal worth at least €500,000 or €350,000 if investing in a rehabilitation project. If the residential property is located in a designated ‘low-density’ area, then a 20% discount applies (amounting to €400K and €280K respectively).

Commercial Real Estate

Buy commercial real estate anywhere in the country worth at least €500,000 or €350,000 if investing in a rehabilitation project. If the commercial property is located in a designated ‘low-density’ area, then a 20% discount applies.

Real Estate on Islands

Buy residential and commercial real estate anywhere in Portugal’s autonomous islands of Madeira and Azores, worth at least €500,000 or €350,000 if investing in a rehabilitation project. Note, all of Madeira and the Azores are classified as high-density, so there is no 20% discount option here.

What are interior areas?

Interior areas simply mean areas where you can make a residential real estate investment to qualify for a Golden Visa residence permit. In contrast, for commercial real estate, there are no location restrictions in place. Meaning, you can invest anywhere in the country, provided that the property in question is classified as ‘commercial’ (licensed for business-related activities).
Low-density areas determine whether a 20% discount rate to your investment applies or not. Low-density regions are defined as territorial units (NUTS III) and have less than 100 inhabitants per square km or a per capita GDP of less than 75% of the national average.

Some of the most desirable areas are:
Troia and Comporta region — a tropical atmosphere located just 40 km south of Lisbon.
Algarve region — Portugal’s main tourist region, boasting Blue Flag beaches and integrated resort communities. While the Algarve is classified as ‘low-density’, it’s not considered a completely interior part of Portugal. Hence, some parts of the Algarve aren’t eligible for a residential real estate investment. Currently, some eligible areas considered low-density AND interior are Aljezur, Odeceixe, and Sagres. In this case, you can buy a residential property or invest in a residential rehabilitation project.


In order to qualify, the investment fund or venture capital fund must be registered in Portugal and have at least 60% of its capital invested in Portuguese-registered companies. Some Golden Visa Funds invest directly in residential real estate, others focus on retail, hotels, and student accommodation. At the other end of the spectrum, there are Golden Visa Funds investing in energy, technology, agriculture, and other start-up ventures. Some funds choose to specialize whilst others tend to diversify.

What are the benefits of the Golden Visa Funds?

Faster process
Subscribing to a Golden Visa Fund in Portugal is typically simpler and more efficient than sourcing and acquiring real estate.
Tax efficiencies
Taxes on dividends and capital gains can be reduced or even exempt depending on your tax structure and that of the fund itself.
Qualified managers
These Golden Visa Funds are managed by experts in their fields so there is an understanding that your investment will be in safe hands.
Carefully regulated
The Portuguese Securities Markets Commission (CMVM), Bank of Portugal and the tax authorities regulate the funds to ensure compliance with strict rules.
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